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Worldcon Schedule

Friday August 31st:  (Updated to add Pyr panel!) 1:30 – 3:00 PM Pyr Rising:  Columbus Hall, Rooms A&B.  A shared panel between Dragon Con and Worldcon.  This will be extra fun because I have been in a writing workshop all week with one of the other Pyr authors, E.C.  Myers.  He will be on the […]

Wanting to Read

I was hemming and hawing about taking David Brin’s Existence with me (it’s pretty big for airplane reading, and I am going to WORLDCON where I will acquire books whether I want to or not). But then I read the first page and the damned thing is going with me (partly because it’s David, partly […]

Upcoming Travel

I leave Friday (the 24th) for a week of workshopping novels in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.  I’ll be in the fabulous company of old friends and get to meet a few new writers, and to be just and only writerly for a week.  I get to wear the writer hat all by itself maybe four or […]

Where the Wild Things are Not: An essay of mine appears in The Futurist

I was really quite pleased to be asked to participate in group project at The Futurist Magazine.  They kindly allowed me to post a PDF of the whole project (well worth reading! David Brin is also in here.  And more).  It’s a good organization and a good magazine. WFS: The Twenty-second Century at First Light […]

Wings of Creation paperback now available

Wings of Creation is now out in mass market paperback. It’s on and Barnes and Noble.  

Thoughts on Rome

I’ve just been traveling, and so I have a few observations from the trip.  It was hard to post from there – I got pictures up by leaving the computer on for long periods of time and then ignoring it.  But anyway, here’s the short form: Italians are wonderful.  Noisy, brisk, friendly, a bit defiant. […]

Happy Mass Market Release Week for Wings of Creation

Book three in my “Silver Ship and the Sea” series is now out in mass market paperback.  I’m quite pleased; it’s been a few years since the hardcover came out.  I really love these books, and they have had great reviews.  It’s nice to see the third one now available more affordably.  I’d post a […]