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Reading Recommendation: Nexus by Ramez Naam

It’s not often that I recommend a book you can’t get yet.  But I really think you want to pre-order Nexus by Ramez Naam.  I have read it, and I got to blurb it.

I also have a story about it.  I had met Ramez at a series of futurist lunches hosted by futurist mentor, Glen Hiemstra, from I liked Ramez well enough; he was as interesting as the rest of the crowd, all of whom were in fact interesting.  Fast forward a few months.  Ramez reaches out to me and wants to talk about marketing a fiction book.  I agree to meet with him and chat about this. To put this in context, once you are a published writer, half of the people you know reveal that they, too, yearn to become published writers.  Your best friends suddenly and nervously chatter about the novel in their hearts, the one that they have been trying to write for twenty years.  Strangers at work confess they are in a writing group while you’re waiting for a budget meeting to start.  Still, I remember that Ramez is smart and decide he will be a good dinner companion and he has tech cred (look him up if you are curious.  But use Bing to do it).

So we meet.  He asks about marketing.  I tell him what I know (at least part of which that there is no clear path to publication right now – there a lot of walls to throw spaghetti at).  He has his manuscript with him.  It’s an 8.5 * 11 piled of double-sided paper that’s perfect-bound the way you would bind a tech proposal.  I agree to look at it, a bit reluctantly, but he’s been nice and I’ll see him again at Futurist lunches.  This is all in the middle of a convention if I remember right – maybe Norwescon. I return to my hotel room and open up Nexus and read a few pages and jot a few notes on style and some ideas for what to study next.

The next thing I knew, I was done with the book.

Nexus is a brilliant SF thriller written by a man who understands the tech world, who has researched neuroscience, and who can actually tell a damned good story with thriller pacing. The book actually reminded me of Michael Chricton at his best – maybe in the Andromeda Strain days.  And this is a first novel.

You should really go pre-order it now.


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