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Lone Boy and The Girl with Microphone (You Say You Want a Revolution)

I’m extremely pleased to see John Picacio and his new company, Lone Boy, will be putting out a calendar via a kickstarter campaign.  And in the calendar?  Girl with Microphone (You Say You Want a Revolution), which is the cover of The Creative Fire.  I believe she’ll be July.  Chances are she’s looking at you […]

Guest Post: Science Fiction and the Future

SF Signal very kindly posted a guest blog of mine.  In it, I discuss three books where the authors did a great job putting real and well-researched ideas into their work.  Two of the authors are actual futurists, and the other book is by two local Analog writers.  But I won’t let out the spoilers […]

The Creative Fire is out! Happy Release Day!

The Creative Fire is now shipping from Amazon.  I still haven’t seen it, but I already have the email that says it’s on its way.  Books take a long time to birth, but the happiness factor of knowing they are out in the world really sticks with you anyway.  Even though I’m done with a […]

Reading Recommendation: Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

Fair warning: Gone Girl is NOT a genre book.  But it’s worth reading, especially for my writer friends.   I picked it up for stress relief – to get away from the books I usually read.  It did succeed on that level.  But more, it’s one of the best unreliable narrator pieces of work I’ve seen at […]