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The Creative Fire is out! Happy Release Day!

The Creative Fire is now shipping from Amazon.  I still haven’t seen it, but I already have the email that says it’s on its way.  Books take a long time to birth, but the happiness factor of knowing they are out in the world really sticks with you anyway.  Even though I’m done with a book long before a publisher is done with the book, it never feels finished until it enters the world as a product someone can buy.

This book is truly beautiful because of the John Picacio cover. Pyr creates works of art with their books, so if you like well-designed books where you turn physical pages, think about getting the trade paperback.   Besides, at least as of this moment, the Kindle version is still on pre-order.

I’d love reports from anyone who sees it in the wild.  I used to go hunting every new release in the local stores, but this week I have a dog recovering from major surgery and a ton of work, so I probably cannot hunt it down myself.  I particularly like to hear about sighting in indie bookstores.

Happy birthday to The Creative Fire.



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I am a writer, public speaker, and a futurist. I’m interested in how new technologies might change us and our world, particularly for the better.

I’m excited about my most recent book series, a duology called “Ruby’s Song” which includes the books The Creative Fire and The Diamond Deep, both published by Pyr.  I’m also doing a non-fiction blog series, Backing into Eden, which comes out roughly twice a month and explores ways to care for the world, now and in the future.

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