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A Discussion of Positive Futures on SF Signal

There’s a fabulous mind meld over on SF Signal today.  Kristin Centorcelli gathered up a bunch of us and asked us about positive futures.  So David Brin, Charles Stross, Julie Czernada, Jestse deVries, Guy Haley, Paul Weimer, Neal Asher, Stephen Euinn Cobb,  Sharon Lynn Fisher, me, and Andrea of Little Red Reviewer all pitched our thoughts into the ring.  That’s a pretty powerful and diverse set of people.  Drop on by.  I think it’s convinced me to spend much of my Thanksgiving thankfulness on the idea that the world might just become highly better.  Not for free, but with effort.  And once again, SF Signal demonstrates why they won the 2012 Hugo. 

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  1. 1. Paul (@princejvstin)

    Thanks for the signal boost, Brenda.


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