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Backing into Eden: Chapter 2 – The Beasts of the Field

Occasionally during meetings one of my staff – an avid birder – will elbow me and I’ll look up and glimpse a bald eagle.  Each time, I am in awe.  I live in Washington State, which is home to a plethora of eagles, where pods of Orca ply the waters near the San Juan Islands, […]

Backing into Eden: Chapter 1 – We are Responsible

Humans have chosen to take responsibility for most of the land on Earth. This post is not a judgement about that – it’s a statement.

Reading Recommendation: The Emperor’s Soul, by Brandon Sanderson

Just finished “The Emperor’s Soul,” a really lovely novella by Brandon Sanderson. It came to me as a freebie somewhere – maybe at World Fantasy – and I almost left it behind.  I’m glad I didn’t. The beautiful cover convinced me to add yet another book to the load I was already carrying.  Not that I don’t like Brandon’s […]

Reading Recommendation: The God Species, by Mark Lynas

I always read non-fiction, and this year I’m reading more of it than usual in preparation for my “Backing into Eden” blog series. I just finished Mark Lynas’s “The God Species: How the Planet can Survive in the Age of Humans.”  I read his Six Degrees late last year and recommended it highly.  Six Degrees […]

Reading Recommendation: The Sigil Trilogy by Henry Gee

I spent most of the weekend finishing The Sigil Trilogy, by Henry Gee. This is a complex and brave set of books.  Classic SF in every sense of the word.  Henry follows multiple time lines, with the primary story set in our near future.  He takes archaeology and astronomy, far-flung space travel, and an alien […]

New Research Series: Backing into Eden

The childhood mythos that I grew up describes a humanity driven from a great garden by the weight of our sins.  As an adult, I have come to believe the opposite:  our sins are driving us to become gardeners.  While I far prefer to imagine a world where humans are simply a harmonious part of […]

2013: Five ideas for all of us

As I was doing my 2012 predictions analysis, I decided I was bored with that game.   I suppose because I have neither won big or truly lost for a few years.  So on to a new game, and one I hope will yield more results even though I’ll never be able to measure them. Here’s […]