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Backing into Eden Chapter 8 – Do we save the whales or the mud snails?

I wake up for coffee and the New York Times, enjoying both in the still crack of morning when the birds greet the day with soft songs. On one such morning in the spring of last year, I was still deciding whether or not to steal valuable time from my fiction career to do this […]

Reading Recommendation: Huntress, by Malinda Lo

This came to me as an ARC from the World Fantasy convention late last year.  I brought it home and stuck it on Toni’s to-read pile since my own pile was too big with books I’d promised various people to read and a few new ones from favorite authors. Toni finished it in days, at […]

Backing into Eden Chapter 7 – Call for a Framework

This Sunday, I’ll hop on my bicycle at home, where we live in a charming neighborhood of older tract houses with grass lawns and flower gardens. I’ll zip down a trail beside a freeway into Redmond, the home city for Microsoft, and enter the 640 acre Marymoor park to arrive at the start of a […]