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Backing into Eden – Chapter 10 – The Elephant Angels

I’m irked at how many elephants we’re losing to the ivory trade.  They are one of the most intelligent of animals, often ranked alongside dolphins. Elephants are beloved.  They show up early in our lives, as the a common expression of the letter “e” in board books for babies.  They are the central exhibit in […]

Reading Recommendation: Blue Remembered Earth by Alistair Reynolds

I have no idea why I haven’t been reading Alistair Reynolds forever. I found Blue Remembered Earth to be enchanting. It’s bold and futuristic and full of wonder. Oh, and a little bit, it’s also about elephants. Since this is a current hot spot in my thinking, I liked that part. But even more importantly, its about […]

Reading Recommendation: Crux, by Ramez Naam

Not that many authors I know pull off good fiction and good non-fiction.  My last reading recommendation was Ramez Naam’s non-fiction book The Infinite Resource:  The Power of Ideas on a Finite Planet. Today, I’m recommending his fiction. I got my hands on an early-release copy of Crux, which follows his debut fiction novel Nexus.  Short form? […]

Backing into Eden chapter 9 – Global Will

Every May, a force for conservation holds an awards breakfast. ForTerra fills a huge auditorium in the Seattle Convention center with a broad assortment of northwest people.  There are elected officials and people who want to be elected officials.  There are suited-up businessmen and women, and retired dowagers in pearls.   There are teenagers and indigenous […]

Reading Recommendation: The Infinite Resource: The Power of Ideas on a Finite Planet, by Ramez Naam

There are writers and futurists who are swimming upstream against a tide of people screaming about the sky falling. Ramez Naam is one of the them, offering practical tools and illuminating the power of imagination and initiative. In The Infinite Resource:  The Power of Ideas on a  Finite Planet, Ramez describes a future full of […]