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The Anarchist’s Cookbook

This is banned books month.  So I decided to talk about the first banned book I ever owned while it was banned….The Anarchist’s Cookbook.  Please check out the post at Write all the Words and comment that you’ve been there.

New story out in Halloween anthology

I have a fresh “High HIlls” story out in a just-released anthology, Halloween:  Magic, Mystery, and the Macabre, edited by Paula Guran and published by Prime Books.  This is a great book to pick up as fall settles in around us and the nights get dark more quickly…..

Backing into Eden Chapter 13: GMO Plants

Backing into Eden is not about how we are going back to the garden, but rather about how we need to re-approach the garden of the Earth armed with all we have learned and to actively care for what wildness and what nature we have left.  It’s about how we need to take responsibility.  That […]

Congratulations to John Picacio

I’m very pleased that John Picacio won the Chesley Award for Best Cover Illustration – Paperback Book for his fabulous cover art for “The Creative Fire.”  Here’s a tiny bit about the award from the ASFA website: “The Chesleys have long been internationally acclaimed as the most prestigious awards in the field of fantastic arts. […]