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The Diamond Deep is available today

The Diamond Deep: Book Two of Ruby's SongI’m very pleased to announce that The Diamond Deep is out!

The Diamond Deep is about how love and strength and creativity can shine in the face of great power, and about the way that real leaders protect their people.  It’s also about the speed of change.  The core “what if’ for this second story in the duology is “What if you were effectively stranded in a place with little change, while your home culture surfs waves of new technology and expands to fill a solar system?”

Every book takes work – my work for a year and a bit to write and polish, and following that the art and art direction, the book design, the copyedit, the marketing, and I suspect a lot more that I never see.  Pyr and I have together birthed The Diamond Deep, with help from the fabulous John Picacio and a host of others.

I’m really happy that the entire saga is not only done, but also available for people to order.  It’s getting a good start – It’s a Barnes and Noble Bookseller’s pick for October and Romantic Times gave it a four-star review.

Amazon link 

Audible link

Barnes and Noble link

It will also be available at The University Bookstore in Seattle, where I am doing my first post-release reading on October 18th.  If you’re local to me, please come down and support all of the great work Duane does for us in the community.

There will also be a launch party for it at Orycon in early November.  Yes, that’s a bit late.  But I’m traveling, and I wanted to throw a party I can attend!  More on that later…..


2 Responses so far

  1. 1. Paul (@princejvstin)

    Happy Release day, Brenda!

  2. 2. Kim Sannes

    I just glanced at the calendar and noticed that your book is due out today. I can’t wait to read it! I have my copy reserved at my local independent book seller.


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