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Reading Recommendation: The Expanse, by James S.A. Corey

Really, this is a recommendation for the first three books in The Expanse series, as I’ve heard there will be three more.  I already did a recommendation for the first book, which was so good that I had to read the next two. The books are Leviathan Wakes, Caliban’s War, and Abaddon’s Gate. I found […]

Diamond Deep Review Roundup

Very pleased with the review roundup for The Diamond Deep.  Here’s a brief spin through the highlights: From Paul Weimer’s 4 Star review in SF Signal: “There is a real first contact feel to Ruby and the denizens of The Creative Fire coming to terms with alien cultures, alien technology and even an alien environment. Given that, […]

Buy a book, get a chance to win a John Picacio calendar

The Diamond Deep came out early this month.  Since I was out of the country, I couldn’t have a proper party.  So I’ll be throwing one at Orycon, hanging out at a signing, and visiting a book festival over the next ten days.  I will have a few copies of both The Creative Fire and […]