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Diamond Deep Review Roundup

Very pleased with the review roundup for The Diamond Deep.  Here’s a brief spin through the highlights:

From Paul Weimer’s 4 Star review in SF Signal:

“There is a real first contact feel to Ruby and the denizens of The Creative Fire coming to terms with alien cultures, alien technology and even an alien environment. Given that, Ruby’s impact on the The Diamond Deep, while as striking as her impact on The Creative Fire, takes different forms and has different consequences.”

From M. Mogsby’s 4-Star Review at The BiblioSanctum:

“I almost relegated it to the “save-for-later” pile. Boy, am I so very glad I didn’t.”

From the Romantic Times’s 4 Star review:  

“A sequel to 2012’s The Creative Fire, this is a worthy conclusion to Ruby’s story.”

And best of all, one of my old friends from Longview came up to me at Orycon and told me she’d been up all night reading it.  That’s maybe the best thing a writer can hear…..

Bothe The Creative Fire and The Diamond Deep can be found in all of the usual places, and signed copies are available at The University Bookstore in Seattle or at Powell’s City of Books, Beaverton Store, in Portland.

Now back to writing the next book and seeing if I can drive those four stars right through the roof to five stars.  🙂



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