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Google Glass: 10 Days In (Glass and the Barcodes)

A few people have asked me how it’s going with Glass.  So here’s a  report (and there is a story about barcodes – hang on, it’s at the end).  The pictures are all #throughglass. I did get the turn by turn directions working and used them on a route I knew in a low traffic […]

Seattle Geekly podcast interview and book giveaway

Seattle Geekly is one of my favorite podcasts.  There are two reasons:  the show is fun to listen to (even if you’re not from Seattle) and the creators, Shannon and Matt, are fabulous.  Here they are in episode 206, interviewing me as well as fellow author William Hertling and filk singers Debs and Errol. Even […]

Google Glass: Glass goes to work

So just a short update on my Glass experience so far….. After taking Glass out to a party (see previous post) I felt up to taking Glass in to work for the pre-holiday work days.  I also took it down to a coffee shop for lunch and out to take some pictures.  So here’s some […]

Google Glass: Glass goes to a party

Took Google Glass out to Patrick Swenson’s birthday/holiday party.  Here is a brief summary: It didn’t feel as weird to be wearing Glass as I thought it would.  A number of people were interested in seeing Glass, which makes sense since it was a room full of science fiction writers and tech geeks.  I did […]

Google Glass: A few days notes

Yesterday was more full of snow and dead batteries and work and a family movie than it was of Glass.  It’s interesting just to see the family reactions to Glass, though (which is still only at home).  Yesterday morning I had an immediate success when I put on Glass and asked for the weather and […]

Google Glass: Day one

So I haven’t answered many questions from my last blog post yet, but the household teenager is done with her finals and I’m free to play with Glass.  Here’s how its gone so far…. The boxing and presentation of Glass is cool.  Glass is light and easy to wear. Set up is pretty easy.  It […]

Google Glass and me: The arrival

Glass arrived today.  It’s still in the box. I’ve been thinking about this technology purchase a lot. I’m an early adopter.  I’ve worn a fitbit for years now – I’m on my sixth one now.  I wear a Pebble.  Attached to this computer – right now – there is a multiple USB hub with the […]

New duology to come out from Pyr!

I’m very pleased to announce that Lou Anders at Pyr has chosen to buy two more books.  This will  be another duology, and will tell an entirely different story than Ruby’s, although it is in the same universe.  I’m picking up about fifty years after the end of The Diamond Deep, and telling a story […]