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Three Strikes and We’re Out (of the open Internet)

Someone interviewing me for a magazine asked me what current technology tomorrow’s children would find obsolete.  I almost answered “The Internet.”  Then I decided to think about that answer a little bit because it’s pretty scary.  Then I decided it’s true. Shortly, humans may find today’s wide open Internet as archaic as we now find […]

Google Glass: Glass at the SFWA Readings

So I set a challenge for myself to use Glass while hosting the SFWA readings and to be as natural as I could, and to get some pictures and video.  This was about a two hour event, and the battery lasted and still had juice left at the end.  I wore them the whole time, […]

One Ring to Rule them All: Our phones are failing

Now that I’m up to three wearables from time to time (a Pebble, a Fitbit, and Glass), I’ve become convinced that the “Internet of Things on our Bodies” is hamstrung.  I can’t use the hands-free bluetooth capability to listen to music on my iPhone while wearing Glass and still do anything useful with Glass.  I […]