Brenda Cooper

One Ring to Rule them All: Our phones are failing

Now that I’m up to three wearables from time to time (a Pebble, a Fitbit, and Glass), I’ve become convinced that the “Internet of Things on our Bodies” is hamstrung.  I can’t use the hands-free bluetooth capability to listen to music on my iPhone while wearing Glass and still do anything useful with Glass.  I can’t ask Glass how my fitbit says I’m doing.  Anytime I answer the phone these days, I have to tell it whether I want to take the call on Glass, via the iPhone speakers, via the iPhone itself, or – even though I can’t talk to it – on my Jambox.  Thankfully the fitbit  has no interest in answering a call or I’d be out of small screen room to display all of the choices.  The Pebble is also too dumb to take a call, but the Dick Tracey watch is on its way.

What I want from CES is a phone that acts as the one ring to control all of my wearables.  As it is, the iPhone is optimized to be a computer, not a  remote control.  I don’t want as many remote controls for my body as I have for my television.  So CES, please read Tolkien?glassphoto

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  1. 1. Pauline Cramer

    If you get the one ring to rule them all, you have to throw it into the volcano.