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Backing into Eden Chapter 18: The Element of Air

Every year, we science fiction fans are given the opportunity to vote on a host city for a future World Science Fiction convention.  This year, the vote will be between Kansas City and Shanghai.   I’m certain that I’ll be voting for Kansas City.  I’d LOVE to see the Great Wall, but I’ve seen pictures of […]

Glass: Three Month Review

It seemed like I should give people a bit of an update about Google Glass, and what the experience of being a Glass Explorer has been like for me. First, I’ve met a number of really great people through Glass.  I spent the first month basically wandering alone and not seeing anyone else wearing Glass […]

Reading Recommendation: Ancillary Justice, by Anne Leckie

I am always watching for excellent science fiction.  I also have a particular interest in science fiction written by women, probably because that’s what I do.  This year, I noticed that Anne Leckie had  a Nebula nomination for her debut novel, Ancillary Justice. So I read it. Perhaps because it is a brand-new set of […]

Backing into Eden, Chapter 17: A Fundamental Challenge

So far in this blog series, I’ve talked about the management of things that live in places that can be located on the globe.  Species, like elephants and mud snails.  Ecosystems, like rain forests or coral reefs.  On a smaller level, microclimates. These all matter very much.  But there are even bigger challenges that have […]