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Reading Recommendation: Archangel, by Marguerite Reed

I’m continuing to listen to some of the PK Dick nominee books in audio format.  This may be my last one as I need to start gearing up for the Hugos and Nebulas, and Norwescon is now coming right up. I highly recommend Marguerite Reed’s complex far future novel Archangel.  I’m not quite sure whether I […]

Reading Recommendation: (R)evolution by PJ Manny

So I’m on a quest to listen to the other PKD finalist’s books, particularly the authors who I’ve never met. I’d read them but I don’t have time – I’ve been sadly turning down requests from good friends to read their books, and I even have favorite authors whose books make me consistently and reliably happy lying […]

Finally, a Promise Kept: Wordfire contracts for The Making War

Many years ago, I put out my first series of novels. It began with The Silver Ship and the Sea.  As often happens with new children, not everything went well.  The Silver Ship and the Sea came out to good reviews and sold well for an SF debut by an unknown author.  It won the Endeavor […]

PKD Nominees Join Forces to Giveaway Books

I was lucky enough to have a book nominated for the Philip K. Dick award in a great year for it.  The competition is stiff – I recommended Ramez Naam’s Apex long before we all got nominated, I read and loved an early version of Adam Rakunas’s Windswept (the current version is still on my TBR pile, […]

Reading Recommendation: The House of Shattered Wings, Aliette DeBodard

I mostly read science fiction, but every once in a while I’ll dig into fantasy, especially by certain favorite writers.   Aliette DeBodard is one of my favorites.  Her House of Shattered Wings didn’t disappoint. This dark fantasy set in an alternate Paris turned out to be an excellent read, full of flawed and magnificent […]