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POST #1. POST! Really…my novel Post is now on Kickstarter!

I’m pleased to announce that eSpec Books is publishing my novel POST via Kickstarter. I wrote POST some time (pre-MFA) and I’m pleased to have it see a bright, shiny daylight right alongside a Jack Campbell novel.  I’ll talk about it here every few days to tell the story of how the book started, how it got picked up by eSpec, and how some of my friends are helping me out (go friends!). This little book has accumulated a few good stories already on its way out onto the world.

I’ll start with the story of the cover.  That’s beginning with one of the last things that happened, but covers are fun to talk about and so are friends….

I have enjoyed my friend Cynthia Radthorne‘s art for some time.  I’ve wanted to write a robot anthology to a piece of her art for years.  Maybe someday I’ll have that dream come true, and edit an anthology around Cynthia’s SF piece “A girl can dream.”  But none of my books have seemed like a good match for her art, until now.  So I’m really pleased to show off Cynthia’s original cover for POST.

I love how the piece turned out since it shows off the troubled world, and the hope that goes with it, and an airplane (which is central to the story).  The girls, by the way, are named Sage and Monday.

If you hurry up, Post is available in ebook for only $5 as an early backer bonus. More as the month winds on….

Post cover from KS



Wings of Creation is now out in mass market paperback.

It’s on and Barnes and Noble.


The  silver ship series is now available in audiobook format from 



The Creative Fire can now be pre-ordered at and at Barnes and Noble.

Wings of Creation can now be pre-ordered in Mass Market paperback edition.

Westward Weird is now available — my first published ghost story

One of my favorite shorts, “My Grandfather’s River,” has been included in this beautiful new anthology named RIVER, edited by Alma Alexander and now available via Dark Quest Books.

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