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In Which I Speak of Zeke

Zeke is our household robot.  Yes, in a house so full of women that even the dogs are all female, someone-not-me named the vacuum-cleaning robot Zeke.  So I mentioned Zeke in a blog post over at  I used to warn audiences that “The Robots are Coming,” when in reality, “The Robots are Here.”

In which I appear at Do the Future and Futurismic

Talking in a rather up-beat fashion about the future.  Early last week I got to attend Microsoft’s tech-fest Day 0 and to chat with people there.  I wrote a post pretty specifically about that for Do the Future, and incorporated it into my monthly column over at Futurismic.  I am feeling a bit more upbeat […]

Do The Future Now Online!

My good friend and professional pacific northwest futurist, Glen Hiemstra, has started a new web-based venture at  It’s a pretty website, and quite well done.  Of  more interest to me, it’s a good antidote for the negative language I often hear about the future.  It’s about action, choice, and the people working to make […]