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Backing into Eden: Chapter 2 – The Beasts of the Field

Occasionally during meetings one of my staff – an avid birder – will elbow me and I’ll look up and glimpse a bald eagle.  Each time, I am in awe.  I live in Washington State, which is home to a plethora of eagles, where pods of Orca ply the waters near the San Juan Islands, […]

New Research Series: Backing into Eden

The childhood mythos that I grew up describes a humanity driven from a great garden by the weight of our sins.  As an adult, I have come to believe the opposite:  our sins are driving us to become gardeners.  While I far prefer to imagine a world where humans are simply a harmonious part of […]

The Power of Real-Life Drama, and Dog People

The Internet allows for true outpourings of attention and emotional resonance from time to time.  You can see this in viral videos about cats or dictators, in books or movies that seem to suddenly spring from nothing into the zeitgeist, and in real-life dramas. Two days ago, a well-known and respected dog-trainer was involved in […]

Are eBooks driving better book design?

eBooks may be changing print books in interesting ways. eBooks give me a predictable experience.  I know how a book will look on my Nook or my iPad and I know that I’ll be able to read it comfortably there.  Think of it like Starbucks, where I know I’ll get a decent cup of coffee. […]

One of our futures is falling victim to the economy…..

My newest column up talks about the economy, space, and the future we may be creating (or not) out there. Yes, I’m excited about the Mars rover.  But I want more. Drop by Futurismic and take a look at Long Term and Long Distance Thinking.  And just as a reminder of what we can’t […]

9/11/11: Changes in Latitudes, Attitudes…

The strangest things happen to writers.  This morning, I woke up with an essay in my head: I gave a talk to a bunch of eighteen and nineteen year-old students at the University of Washington earlier this week.  None of them were old enough to remember a pre 9/11 world.  They have never traveled without […]