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Google Glass: Glass goes to a party

Took Google Glass out to Patrick Swenson’s birthday/holiday party.  Here is a brief summary: It didn’t feel as weird to be wearing Glass as I thought it would.  A number of people were interested in seeing Glass, which makes sense since it was a room full of science fiction writers and tech geeks.  I did […]

Google Glass: A few days notes

Yesterday was more full of snow and dead batteries and work and a family movie than it was of Glass.  It’s interesting just to see the family reactions to Glass, though (which is still only at home).  Yesterday morning I had an immediate success when I put on Glass and asked for the weather and […]

Google Glass: Day one

So I haven’t answered many questions from my last blog post yet, but the household teenager is done with her finals and I’m free to play with Glass.  Here’s how its gone so far…. The boxing and presentation of Glass is cool.  Glass is light and easy to wear. Set up is pretty easy.  It […]

Google Glass and me: The arrival

Glass arrived today.  It’s still in the box. I’ve been thinking about this technology purchase a lot. I’m an early adopter.  I’ve worn a fitbit for years now – I’m on my sixth one now.  I wear a Pebble.  Attached to this computer – right now – there is a multiple USB hub with the […]

Backing into Eden Chapter 16: Transgenic Animals and the Future

This is part three of three.  Now that I’ve listed some of the ways humans use animals (traditional and GM) and talked  about ethics, I want to cover some reasons we may need GMO animals in the future.  I want to remind readers that the highest ground is almost certainly to use conservation and respect […]

Backing into Eden Chapter 15: GMO Ethics

In the last post, I simply listed both our traditional and our “new” ways of using animals.  Perhaps I was a little harsh, since humans have treated certain classes of animals like family.  We have even gone so far as to evolve essentially symbiotic relationships.  For example, I wouldn’t want our family dogs to have […]

Backing Into Eden Chapter 14: Human Use of Animals – Lists

This series is a discussion of how we take responsibility for the birds and the beasts and the fields and the oceans and whatever Genesis left out (for example, the Bible doesn’t mention the atmosphere).  It’s time for some discussion of the future of animals and how we’ll use them.  Yes, that’s blunt. Humans use […]

Backing into Eden Chapter 12: Climate Whispering

Our front yard is different than our back yard.  The front is sunny and bright and grows flowers and moss-free grass.  The back is partly shaded and often five degrees cooler. The two spaces have different micro-climates.  This isn’t new science. Thomas Jefferson understood it.  When he gardened at Monticello, he planted grapes on a […]

Backing into Eden – Chapter 10 – The Elephant Angels

I’m irked at how many elephants we’re losing to the ivory trade.  They are one of the most intelligent of animals, often ranked alongside dolphins. Elephants are beloved.  They show up early in our lives, as the a common expression of the letter “e” in board books for babies.  They are the central exhibit in […]

Backing into Eden Chapter 8 – Do we save the whales or the mud snails?

I wake up for coffee and the New York Times, enjoying both in the still crack of morning when the birds greet the day with soft songs. On one such morning in the spring of last year, I was still deciding whether or not to steal valuable time from my fiction career to do this […]