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Latest Today’s Tomorrows: Out of Destruction….

The pace of change continues to increase.  Someday I feel like if I simply blink I’m in the future, that this week is different than last week is different than last month is different than last year in a way that has never happened before. I suspect some of that change is about transformation.  I […]

2012 Predictions

Every year I play a predictions game.  It’s not really good futuring since the world is way too strange for prediction except by true experts in a field, and I’m a generalist.  But I still like the game.  So here goes for 2012: Publishing and Creativity: I left this section in so I could re-predict […]

Reading Recommendation: SEED, by Rob Zeigler

Sometimes we writers get to do fun things like hang out in big groups in houses together and write and laugh and talk.  And write.  And learn. Write some more,  read either other’s work.  You get the idea. On one such escape to a writerly weekend in Flagstaff, Arizona, I met Rob Zeigler, and got […]

New column up at Futurismic, in which I rant a bit about climate change

Stop by Futurismic and take a look if you get a chance.  This was  a particularly tough article to write because the problem is so diffuse and our actual knowledge so hard to quantify.  Climate is a complex system full of chaotic elements and strange attractors, including political strangeness.  But the fact that it’s difficult […]

An Excellent Presentation on the Future

I came across as excellent presentation about the future called Future Agenda.  I think it showed up via one of the people I follow in Twitter.  It’s gold for an SF writer…very visual, very easy to navigate, very clean, and it fits (in general) with my understanding of likely futures based on my futurist research.  […]

The Yin and Yang of Futuring

There are  a lot of us being guardians at the gate.  Environmentalists warn about species extinction and loss of the wonderful world we’re lucky enough to live on.  Scientists and climatologists wring their hands about global warming.  Governments worry about terrorism. We need the guardians at the gate, we even need to be the guardians.  […]

An Ordinary Futurist Predicts 2010 Events

After evaluating my predictions from last year (which were in three separate posts to start with), I decided to keep it simple.  Remember that futurists have no crystal ball and I can no more tell you what a stock will be on a given day than a séance leader can.  We can see trends. We […]

Testing Last Year’s Predictions

I’m not as much of a predictive futurist as some of my friends and colleagues, and I do like to play in the space once a year – right about now.  I’m going to do this in three steps. Evaluate last year’s predictions, make this year’s predictions, talk about what we need to do this […]

The Futurist Reads Her Sunday Times

From time to time, people ask me what it takes to be a futurist.  Really, it’s an interest in thinking about the future and a habit of keeping my eye’s open.  I think there is one other bit:  the desire to make the world a better place in the future. I stay aware of what’s […]

FiRE (Future in Review) Day 4: Africa, the Oceans, Language, and Whales

The morning started with the most explicit of the conversations on philanthropy: a look at the work Pearson Learning has done in Africa, and a brief discussion of project Inkwell. The first project we saw, the Sara Communication Initiative, helps girls in Africa tell their stories, and actually brought me to tears for a moment. […]