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Contest to Celebrate early e-release of Mayan December

I got an unexpected gift today from Prime Books. Perhaps it will cause a few of you to get gifts, too. Mayan December can now be purchased in eBook for Kindle and Nook. So here’s how this might benefit you. The first three people who review the book in either platform and contact me via […]

Mayan Reading (Watching!): The Fountain

One of the authors whose books I’ve been using for reference in this time period mention Darren Aronofsky’s movie “The Fountain” to me.  It really does seem to mirror the Mayan sense of time, and I liked it very much.  It’s part new age trip, part science fiction, and all love story, complete with some […]

New Cover Design for Mayan December

SFFWRTCHT: Where a Twitter Chat turns into a Blog Post

Bryan Thomas Schmidt hosts a great weekly chat at Twitter hashtag #SFFWRTCHT, which I was lucky enough to be invited to join.  I got to talk about current work, and Mayan December, which is coming out soon, and about kids.  Even nicer, he turned the chat into a very nicely illustrated blog post over at […]

Mayan Reading: The End of Time, The Maya Mystery of 2012, by Anthony Aveni

This nonfiction book is by the author of one of the books I read when I was researching Mayan December – Skywatchers.   Better yet, the author is very much like one of my main characters, Alice.  Like Alice, Anthony Aveni in an archaeoastronomer, or someone who studies the intersection of culture and astronomy.   Also like […]

Norwescon 2011 Schedule

I have a great schedule for NORWESCON, coming up in Seatac next weekend. I do want to draw attention to the reading for Mayan December (coming in August from Prime Books) – it’s early in the con, and so I will have some limits on my time to advertise it.  I’m very excited about the […]

Mayan (er…Aztec) Reading: Servant of the Underworld, by Aliette de Bodard

I’m busy reading books and stories set either in 2012 or in the Yucatan Peninsula.  I read Aliette de Bodard’s Nebula nominated novelette, “The Jaguar House, In Shadow” and loved it so much that I went right to her novel “Servant of the Underworld.”  It’s a bit of a cheat for this post series because […]

Mayan December Pre-orders are now available

I’m very pleased to announce that pre-orders are open on Amazon for the print copy of Mayan December (Pub date August 23rd, 2011).  And for those of you wondering, yes there will be a Kindle version!  Thanks to Prime Books!

Transcript of #sffwrtcht

In case you want a break from the generally disturbing news, here is the transcript of a lovely hour-long chat I had on Twitter at the hashtag #sffwrtcht.  Thanks to Bryan Thomas Schmidt for hosting an excellent event.  Topics included my next book, Mayan December, writing, collaborating, and dogs.  Well, you know, there has to […]

Mayan Reading: The Sacred Well, by Antoinette May

There are certain events – and places – that inspire creativity in many people.  Ancient Rome.  Egypt.  World War II.  One of those is also surely December 2012 and the end of the Mayan Calendar. The place – of course – is the Yucatan Peninsula. Now that I’m finished with my own novel set there […]