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First comments back on Mayan December

This is from Glen Hiemstra of Mayan December is an exciting tale of the ancient Mayans and the end of the Mayan calendar in the near future, as seen through the eyes of a time-traveling youngster named Nixie.  What begins as an interesting trip to Chichen Itza for the December 2012 equinox becomes a […]

Reading Recommendation: Mozart’s Blood, by Louise Marley

Louise Marley is a good friend and we sometimes share bits of writing with each other.  So I saw Mozart’s Blood born a few years ago.  I hadn’t read it all the way through, or even seen the last half at all.  My theme for recovery has been “read the things you want to read” […]

Bibliography: The Research Behind Mayan December

I did a lot of research for my novel Mayan December (coming out from Prime Books in August).  This isn’t usual for me.  For most of my science fiction stories, I research all the time.  I go on jags where I read science articles from National Geographic to Wired to The Technology Review to various […]

Just in: Mayan December cover

Art for Mayan December Cover, by Scott Grimando

I am excited about my next book, Mayan December.  This is my first real post about it, and I’m looking forward to sharing more about the book as time goes on.  It will be out sometime next summer, hopefully before Worldcon. First, my publisher, Sean Wallace from Prime Books, showed me this art the day […]

Tonight’s Wayward Reading

I now have a new thing for tonight’s reading at the Wayward Coffee House (8:00 PM).  For geeks, the Wayward is worth going to whether you’re there to hear me read or you want to drop in another time.  It’s very geekly and the coffee and atmosphere are great. So I already promised fiction set […]

Thanks Tony C. Smith

I had a great time guesting on a podcast called “Sofanauts” hosted by Tony C. Smith.  The other guest was Richard Morgan, and I’m going to go off and buy his book Altered Carbon today.  Richard impressed me quite a bit.  I got tongue tied a few times not knowing much about the state of […]

Three Gifts from Far Away

Writing is a strange profession. There are long dry spells when everything is in the mail and nothing is resolved or finished. And then there are gift days. Today, I got three gifts from afar…. A copy of Mallorn, the Journal of the Tolkien Society, with a story of mine in it. Now how cool […]

Mayan Summer Now Available Online

My story, Mayan Summer, just went up in the online magazine Khimairal Ink. It’s a lovely literary, feminist magazine that I like a lot, so I was pleased they took this story. The Yucatan Penninsula is a fabulous place where it’s easy to imagine magic coming alive. This is a seed story for my novel […]

The Small Joys of Writing

I have a short work coming out in Mallorn, which is the newlstter for the Tolkien society. The story started as an exercise in a workshop I took at Hugo House in Seattle (with Charles deLint), and only changed a little before I sent it off to Henry Gee, who is the new editor for […]