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Post #8: The Last Hurrah!

This is the seventh post in my POST series of postings. ¬†ūüôā We’re funded, but not yet finished. We’re at $3,967 out of $3,500 and there are 45 hours to go. ¬†This, of course, is great news. ¬†It means POST will be read ‚ÄĒ we have 143 backers (collectively – for the two books – […]

Post #5: Why Crowdfunding, why eSpec?

This is the fifth entry¬†in my series about POST, the novel that eSpecBooks is crowdfunding via Kickstarter. ¬†For reference, we’re at $2240 out of $3500 at this¬†moment, which is Saturday morning. ¬†I’m telling stories about the book‚Ķ.and this is the promised story of why it’s coming out¬†via a Kickstarter. It’s more than a story about […]

Post #4: On the Rising Part of the Curve

I’ve already told a few stories about POST – how I finally got use Cynthia Radthorne’s art, how the story started, and how it’s partly a conversation with another author’s work. ¬†I’m telling these stories because eSpecBooks is currently crowdfunding POST and another novel by Jack Campbell (The Sister Paradox) on Kickstarter. ¬†More about that […]

Post #3: A Conversation with “The Road”

This is the third entry in a set of linked posts about my novel POST, which will be out soon from eSpecBooks. ¬†Note – if you get in on the Kickstarter, that will help out greatly. Writers often write in conversation with other writers. That’s natural – we read, and what we read moves us, […]

POST #1. POST! Really…my novel Post is now on Kickstarter!

I’m pleased to announce that eSpec Books¬†is publishing my novel POST via Kickstarter. I wrote¬†POST¬†some time (pre-MFA) and I’m pleased to have it see a bright, shiny daylight right alongside a Jack Campbell novel. ¬†I’ll talk about it¬†here every few days to tell the story of how the book started, how it got picked up […]

Worldcon Schedule – Kansas City!

I’m really excited about this programming. ¬†It’s all great. ¬†Please note that my reading is early in the convention. ¬†But hey, it’s right after one of may favorite topics, Environmental Speculative Fiction. So drop by for the panel and stay for the reading. ¬†I also get to moderate some of my favorite writers‚Ķ.. The Re-emergence […]

Edge of Dark a finalist for the Endeavour award!

I’m pleased that Edge of Dark is a finalist for the Endeavour Award. The winner will be announced at Orycon on Friday, November 18. Here’s a list of all the finalists: Edge of Dark by Brenda Cooper, Pyr Books; Irona 700 by Dave Duncan, Open Road Integrated Media; The Price of Valor by Django Wexler, […]

Release Week Round-Up

I’m four days into the release of Spear of Light, which means I’m a pleased and exhausted author. ¬†Here’s a round of some of what happened: three reviews, one reading (three to come),¬†three giveaways, a preview, guest blog post and an interview. Thanks so much to everyone at Pyr, and to all of the bloggers […]

Win Free Books!

It’s one week before Spear of Light¬†shows up in bookstores. ¬†There are now three ways I know of to win books…. Head on over to My Life My Books My Escape (how cool is that name?) for a chance to win a free copy of Spear of Light. ¬†They’ve also got one of the first […]

Mailing List! Book Giveaway!

I’m establishing a mailing list Hello! ¬†I’m establishing a mailing list so that I have a better way to keep in touch with people who are interested in my writing. I’ve been using social media, which works well for many things. But I know I miss a lot of news from authors I like based […]