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9/11/11: Changes in Latitudes, Attitudes…

The strangest things happen to writers.  This morning, I woke up with an essay in my head: I gave a talk to a bunch of eighteen and nineteen year-old students at the University of Washington earlier this week.  None of them were old enough to remember a pre 9/11 world.  They have never traveled without […]

Worldcon Report – Belated

I came back from the convention to be swept immediately into busy days and a visit from family. So here is a rather belated and short Worldcon report.  I’m usually by myself at Worldcon, but my long-time friend Gisele from Florida (I met her over half my life ago!) and my partner Toni joined me […]

The eBook conversation happens everywhere!

Toni and Katie and I spent the day on horseback riding above the rim of the Wai’pio valley on Kona.  The lunch stop was a lovely spot with a waterfall, a lovely pool, and benches to sit on.  There were only three family groups on the ride – us, a Japanese family who did not […]

Worldcon 2011 Schedule

I’m pretty happy with the 2011 Worldcon schedule.  Lots of Mayan December launch activity, a reading for No Man’s Land, a party, and some great topics to discuss.  I hope to see many of you there. Thu 13:00 – 14:00, The Amish Approach to Changing Technology: The Error of Presumed Neutrality of Technology (Panel), D05 (RSCC) […]

Norwescon 2011 Schedule

I have a great schedule for NORWESCON, coming up in Seatac next weekend. I do want to draw attention to the reading for Mayan December (coming in August from Prime Books) – it’s early in the con, and so I will have some limits on my time to advertise it.  I’m very excited about the […]

Last day of Thailand Pictures (and the S. Korean airport)

Last day of Thailand tourism — where I rode a bus for hours, played in very bona-fide tourist traps like bamboo boat rides, and rode an elephant. My pictures are up, including some pictures of what are now my two favorite airports in Bangkok and S. Korea.  I hope I get back to both – […]

Thailand: The Conference

At the moment I am feeling very international as I am using a portable computer in the “ICT Experience Center” in the Seoul airport.  This is relevent because after being a speaker at the FutureGov Asia conference, I came away very impressed with the clear and committed focus of South Korea on internet infrastructure (including the […]

Thailand Day Three: Of a King, his people, and their dogs

Everywhere, yellow flags fly.  This is for the King (who was born on a Monday which makes his color yellow).  He is 84 now, and lives in the hospital, where he is being treated for lung cancer.  Everywhere, people here wish him luck.  Some of my pictures from today show this. It kind of feels […]

Thailand Day 2: A Day of Buddhas and Monks

Today I started out with a tour of three temples, and then I had the driver drop me at the Grand Palace. I heard monks chanting. I saw many Buddha’s.  Maybe hundreds.  Maybe thousands.  I saw a gold Buddha that weighs 5 tons and one that weighs one ton.  I saw a reclining Buddha that […]

Day 1 of Thailand Trip

Day 1 of my Thailand trip, where I learned to get around on the river and the Sky Train, and saw the Sunday Market. There are more pictures online. I woke up a bit late after having gotten in quite late (like 2 AM by the time I made it to the hotel and my […]