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Relay for Life

Warning: Yes, this is a rare personal post and yes, I’m fund-raising. Cancer took my little brother Russy last year. It’s assaulting two of my friends right now; a sweet man named Pere who worked with Russy for years, and a writer friend, Jay Lake. It’s inside my partner’s sister and wreaking havoc on that […]

The Ordinary Futurist: 2010 of my own predictions on government and society

Okay – so this is the least interesting of the three “How did I do in my predictions for 2010 posts” unless you find failure interesting.  This what I had to say about society and government, where I went out on a limb into international relations and fell off, landing face-first in the mud: Prediction: […]

Reading Recommendation: N.K. Jemisin’s “The Broken Kingdoms”

Well, this is two reading recommendations in a row for N.K. Jemisin.  I enjoyed The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms so much I immediately ordered The Broken Kingdoms.  I left it closed as a carrot against getting some of my own editing done, but after one pass I just had to stop and pick it up.  This […]

Futurist Trivia: The Sunday Times

People often ask me where I get my ideas as a writer.  The companion question as a futurist is “how do you study the future?”  The answer, of course, is you study “now” and you study the past.  Then you think a bit.  Futurists aren’t predictors partly because we can’t see the wildcards or the […]

Reading Recommendation: Winter’s Bone by Daniel Woodrell

This is a rare case of “Saw the movie, bought the book,” and even rarer case of “both worked.”  For my usual readers, It’s NOT genre fiction, except to the extent the life of people in Ozark Mountains feels a planet away from Seattle.  I’m currently working on a strong female character in my novel […]

Reading Recommendation: One Monk and one Briggs

As I’ve posted, I’ve been dealing with cancer in the immediate family, which has pretty much shot my love for complexity (got enough of it, thank you very much).  My favorite kind of fiction, which is dense and complex science fiction, is just not holding onto me  — my little monkey-enabled brain is wandering off […]

Norwescon Schedule

For those of you who will be around Norwescon this weekend, here’s where you can for sure find me: Friday, 9:00 a.m., Cascade 7 Climate Change in the 21st Century There is more CO2 in the atmosphere now than at any time during the last 650,000 years. Climate alterations are expected to be serious: more […]

Planning a Seattle Futures Meeting

I used to attend monthly futurist meetings in Santa Monica California, run by John Smart.  They were great get togethers – a pile of people interested in talking about the future.  Eclectic.  It was scientists and techs from JPL and the local universities, people off the street, students, business people, consultants, etc.  Often up to […]

Geek Girl Goes Army

I was lucky enough to be an invited speaker and guest at the 2010 Mad Scientist Future Technology Center, put on by TRADOC G-2, which is part of the US Army.  Other attendees were from various armed forces (including some form different countries), other science fiction writers, and subject matter experts in various science and […]

Thanks so much!

I really appreciate the community out here – there were many post and retweets and the like to celebrate the Wings of Creation release yesterday.  It makes a writer (at least this writer) feel surrounded by family even when she’s off at work and wearing her other, more mundane hats. Congrats to Sara A. Mueller […]