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Brief recent publication update

I’ve been very busy, and using social media more than the website to update readers, but decided I should drop by here and leave a few notes… Most recent book: The 10th Anniversary edition of Wings of Creation came out this spring. I love the cover!  These editions are put out by Wordfire Press, and […]

Tonight’s Wayward Reading

I now have a new thing for tonight’s reading at the Wayward Coffee House (8:00 PM).  For geeks, the Wayward is worth going to whether you’re there to hear me read or you want to drop in another time.  It’s very geekly and the coffee and atmosphere are great. So I already promised fiction set […]

Release Day for Wings of Creation!

Pardon the happy little post in advance.  It’s a gray day here is Seattle – with a touch of pink sunrise still in the window – but I’m hoping for a good one. A lot of writing is work.  By the time a book comes out,  I’m two books or more past it, and living […]

New winner, and the book giveaway continues….

I’m pleased to announce that Samuel Montgomery-Blinn is the latest winner in the book giveaway.  He chose The Silver Ship and the Sea. There are two more drawings left – one this Friday and one on the 10th which is the release date for the hardcover of Wings of Creation.  The release date drawing will […]

Shiny New Wings of Creation Hardbacks

A box of books arrived for me last night.  I threw it in the back of my car, thinking it held copies of Reading the Wind (which I am also expecting, but which I’ve seen), and it turned out to be the Wings of Creation hardbacks.  The book design is very beautiful; the cover and the […]

Daybreak, Killer Bunnies, Wings, and Geeks

I leave tomorrow for the World Fantasy Convention in San Jose.  I’ll be participating in a group reading on Friday night (in the Crystal room at 9:00 PM – Fairmont San Jose) for the exciting new web-based magazine called “Daybreak,” published by Jetse DeVries.  Jetse is also bringing out the Shine Anthology.  Shine and Daybreak […]

Various useful webbishry

First, Seattle Geekly does a great podcast.  As I’m sure you can guess, they talk about all things Seattle that would interest the slightly more – well, geekly (gaming, conventions, science fiction and fantasy, anime, steampunk, other local events).  I listen in when I get time.  Even better, I visited them last week and we […]

The Academy of New World Historians is Born

Writers have the best job in the world.  We make stuff up.  We daydream and what we daydream becomes real – as a book or a story or a poem. People read our daydreams, our musings, the things that grow out of our subconscious. I really did it this time. It all started with the […]

Wings of Creation Cover Squeal!


In Which Lynne Jamneck from New Zealand Asks Me Questions

Thanks to Lynn Jamneck (an sf writer and editor herself) for posting an interview with me over at Suite 101.  She’s also going to be doing more in the same format, so you might want to drop by and see the others as she gets them posted.  I’m looking forwrad to what the others have […]


Wings of Creation is now out in mass market paperback.

It’s on and Barnes and Noble.


The  silver ship series is now available in audiobook format from 



The Creative Fire can now be pre-ordered at and at Barnes and Noble.

Wings of Creation can now be pre-ordered in Mass Market paperback edition.

Westward Weird is now available — my first published ghost story

One of my favorite shorts, “My Grandfather’s River,” has been included in this beautiful new anthology named RIVER, edited by Alma Alexander and now available via Dark Quest Books.

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