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The Making War update

A few pieces of news about The Making War, which is scheduled to come out in October from Wordfire Press: I got a great blurb from my good friend Jim Van Pelt, who is -- IMHO -- one of our very best short story writers alive and working today. He said,  "The Making...

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New Website Design

Every once in awhile even an old and decent design needs an update. I'm happy to be able to show off the new website. if you have time, take a look and give me feedback. Thanks to Rie Levinzon for giving it a facelift. Also, newsletter coming soon -- sign up if you...

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Brief recent publication update

I've been very busy, and using social media more than the website to update readers, but decided I should drop by here and leave a few notes... Most recent book: The 10th Anniversary edition of Wings of Creation came out this spring. I love the cover!  These editions...

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Orycon Schedule – Orycon 40!

I'll be at Orycon November 9-11 at the Red Lion hotel in Jantzen Beach, in Portland, Oregon. Friday, November 9 5:00 PM: Must Reads for the Environmentally Aware - Overton Room 7:00 PM: Writer Retreats - Pettygrove Saturday, November 10 10:00 AM: Artificial People in...

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Norwescon Schedule

Friday Genetic Manipulation and Made-to Order Species: Biotech in SF 10:00am - 11:00am @ Cascade 10 Brenda Cooper (M), Nancy Kress, K. C. Alexander, Fonda Lee Futurism 101 11:00am - 12:00pm @ Cascade 9 Peter N. Glaskowsky (M), Brenda Cooper, PJ Manney Speculative...

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Some Tales for the Holidays

Last night, mom and dad and I sat in a favorite restaurant in Mesa, Arizona, and swapped holiday stories while a musician sang a mix of holiday, country, old folk, and hippie songs. The songs were full of the past, and prompted me to ask my parents about their...

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