Brenda Cooper

Published Work


CRACKING THE SKY,” Fairwood Press, August 2o15.

“BEYOND THE WATERFALL DOOR,” Amazon Digital Services, June 2015.


Ruby’s Song 

THE CREATIVE FIRE,” Pyr, November 2012. Nominated for the Canopus Award in 2015.

THE DIAMOND DEEP,” Pyr, October 2013.

The Glittering

EDGE OF DARK,” Pyr, March, 2015  Nominated for the Phillip K. Dick Award in 2016.  Nominated for the Endeavor Award in 2016.

SPEAR OF LIGHT,” Pyr, June, 2016

Fremont’s Children

THE SILVER SHIP AND THE SEA,” Tor Books, March 2007. How will human prejudice play out when the differences between people are truly more than skin deep?  Follow six genetically improved children who have been left behind on the colony planet Fremont, where the inhabitants mistrust anyone who is not an “original” human. Winner of the 2007 Endeavor Award.

“READING THE WIND,”  Tor Books, July 2008.  This book continues to explore war and prejudice in a time when genetic enhancements are the norm and humans live in a world even more saturated with information than ours.  Visit the Five Worlds, and return to Fremont.

WINGS OF CREATION,” Tor books. Nov, 2009.  Our heroes are challenged with betrayals they never expected and prepared to go to war.

Forthcoming – THE MAKING WAR.  No publication date yet.

Stand-alone Books

BUILDING HARLEQUIN’S MOON” with Larry Niven. Tor Books, June 2005. What happens to the first interstellar starship to leave Earth? Meet people who must challenge their own treasured core beliefs to survive a devastating mishap.

MAYAN DECEMBER,” Prime Books, August 2011, Edited by Paula Guran.  What if your daughter suddenly began experiencing the Mayan past just days before the purported end of the Mayan Calendar?

Novels are represented by Eleanor Wood, from the Spectrum Literary Agency.


“Ice and Mirrors,” with Larry Niven, February 2001, Asimov’s Science Fiction

“Choosing Life,” with Larry Niven, January 2002, Analog Science Fiction

“Finding Myself,” with Larry Niven, June 2002, Analog Science Fiction

reprinted, SCATTERBRAIN, by Larry Niven

“Free Floaters,” with Larry Niven, August 2002, Asimov’s Science Fiction

“A Gift of Maps,” The Salal Review, Spring 2002.

“Linda’s Dragon,” Analog Science Fiction, July/August 2003

“The Trellis,” with Larry Niven, Analog Science Fiction, November 2003

“Touches the Earth,” DAW Books, in Valdemar anthology, SUN IN GLORY, edited by Mercedes Lackey.

“The War of the Flowers,” Strange Horizons, January, 2004.

“StarGarden,” Oceans of the Mind, Spring 2004.

“Savant Songs,” Analog, December, 2004. Chosen for David Hartwell’s and Kathryn Cramer’s Year’s Best SF10. Finalist for the Sturgeon award. Now available on Kindle.  Re-printed in 21st Century Science Fiction, edited by David Hartwell and Patrick Nielsen Hayden, 2013

“A Lingering Scent of Bacon,” a story in “MAIDEN, MATRON, CRONE,” a collection published by Daw books and edited by Kerrie Hughes. Now available on Kindle.  Reprinted in “Unconventional Fantasy, A Celebration of Forty Years of the World Fantasy Convention,” 2014

“Kath and Quicksilver,” with Larry Niven, Asimov’s, November 2005.

“Recovery,” Harrington Lesbian Fiction Quarterly, Volume 6, number 3.

“Black Armbands,” a story in a DAW anthology TIME AFTER TIME, edited by Denise Little.

“Dawn of Sorrows,” in CROSSROADS, a Valdemar story anthology, published by DAW Books, edited by Mercedes Lackey.

“Isaac’s Granddaughter,” Salal Review, 2006 issue.

“The Horses of the High Hills,” a story for the DAW anthology CHILDREN OF MAGIC, edited by Kerrie Hughes.

“My Grandfather’s River,” Nature Magazine, August 17th, 2006. Now available as a free podcast at Escape Pod in issue 232.  Reprinted in FUTURES FROM NATURE by Tor Books, edited by Henry Gee, and in RIVER, from Dark Quest Books, edited by Alma Alexander.

“The Terror Bard,” with Larry Niven, to Lou Anders for his anthology FAST FORWARD 1: FUTURE FICTION FROM THE CUTTING EDGE.

“Trainer of Whales,” a story in the DAW anthology THE FUTURE WE WISH WE HAD edited by Rebecca Lickiss.

“Alien Graveyards,” October/November edition of AlienSkin Magazine (flash fiction).

“A Hand and Honor,” Nature Magazine, Editor, Henry Gee. Now available as a podcast on Starship Sofa.

“Friends in the High Hills,” a story for the DAW anthology FELLOWSHIP FANTASTIC, edited by Kerrie Hughes.

“Blood Bonds,” THE SOLARIS BOOK OF NEW SCIENCE FICTION: VOLUME 2, Solaris Books, February, 2008. Edited by George Mann.

“Mayan Summer,” Khimairal Ink, January 2008.

“Mayan Wayfinding,” Mallorn, the Journal of the Tolkien Society, edited by Henry Gee, 2008.

“Jack of the High Hills,” a story for the DAW anthology entitled THE DIMENSION NEXT DOOR, edited by Kerrie Hughes, July 2008

“The Power of Three,” for a DAW anthology set in Mercedes’ Lackey’s Valdemar, entitled MOVING TARGETS AND OTHER TALES OF VALDEMAR, December, 2008.

For the Love of Mechanical Minds,” Nature Magazine, Editor, Henry Gee. February 12, 2009 issue.

“The Licit Zone.” A Kindle original, published in July, 2009. Available on the Kindle.

“In Their Garden,” Asimov’s Science Fiction, Shiela Williams, ed., September, 2009.  Chosen for David Hartwell’s and Kathryn Cramer’s YEAR’s BEST SF15.

“Speaker for the Mayans,” Steampunk Tales issue 2. Available for the iphone, on the Kindle, etc. Reprinted in “IN AN IRON CAGE,” edited by Danielly Ackley-McPhail, Elektra Hammond, and Neal Levin, Dark Quest Books, 2011.

“Sailors in a Sea of Suns,” Footprints Anthology, edited by Jay Lake and Eric T. Reynolds.

“The Last Part of the Way,” in the anthology MOVING TARGETS AND OTHER TALES OF VALDEMAR, edited by Mercedes Lackey.

“Her Black Mood,” a story for the DAW anthology KILLER BUNNIES ANND ZOMBIE RACCOONS, edited by Kerrie Hughes.

“The Robots’ Girl,” Analog, Stan Schmidt, ed., April 2010. Reprinted in the Russian Magazine ESLI (IF).

“Riding in Mexico,” in the online magazine Daybreak, edited by Jetse deVries.

“Mind Expeditions,” Nature Magazine, May 2010, Henry Gee, ed.

My Father’s Singularity,”  Clarkesworld Issue #46, June 2010, and selected for Gardener Dozois’ BEST SF 28.

“SINGLE LARRY TI, or Fear of Black Holes and Ken” Analog, Stan Schmidt, July/August double issue.

“The Hebras and the Demons and the Damned,” Analog, Stan Schmidt, ed., December 2010. Chosen for David Hartwell’s and Kathryn Cramer’s YEAR’s BEST SF16.

“Songs of a Certain Sort” in a DAW anthology set in Mercedes’ Lackey’s Valdemar, FINDING THE WAY, December, 2010.

“Second Shift,” in the anthology LOVE AND ROCKETS, edited by Kerrie Hughes.

“Cracking the Sky,” for the anthology DEFENDING THE FUTURE IV, NO MAN’S LAND edited by Danielle Ackerly-McPhail.

“Phoenix Dogs” in TALES FOR CANTERBURY, a benefit anthology for the Christchurch quake victims.

“Slow and Steady” in UNDER THE VALE AND OTHER TALES OF VALDEMAR, edited by Mercedes Lackey and published by DAW Books, December 2011.

“The Ghost in the Doctor” in a DAW anthology WESTWARD WEIRD and edited by Kerrie Hughes.

“Tea with Jillian” in Nature Magazine, December, 2011.

“Between Lines,” LIGHT TOUCH PAPER STAND CLEAR, edited by Edwina Harvey and Simon Petrie, Peggy Bright Books, 2012.

“All Hallows in the High Hills,”  HALLOWEEN: MAGIC, MYSTERY AND THE MACABRE, edited by Paula Guran, Prime Books, 2013.

“Holly Defiant,” RAYGUN CHRONICLES: SPACE OPERA FOR  A NEW AGE, edited by Bryan Thomas Schmidt, Every Day Publishing, November 2013.

“For the Love of Metal Dogs,” in DOGS OF WAR, Dark Quest Books, February 2014.

“A Heart of Power and Oil,” in COMING SOON ENOUGH;  SIS TALES OF TECHNOLOGY’S FUTURE, Edited by Stephen Cass, IEEE Spectrum, August 2014.

“Elephant Angels,” HIEROGLYPH, edited by Kathryn Cramer and Ed Finn, Harper Collins, September 2014.

“The Barest Gift,” in NO TRUE WAY: ALL NEW TALES OF VALDEMAR, edited by Mercedes Lackey, Penguin, December 2014.

“Star of Humanity,” original to the collection “CRACKING THE SKY,” Fairwood Press, August 2015.

“Entropy and Emergence,” original to the collection “CRACKING THE SKY,” Fairwood Press, August 2015.

“Biology at the End of the World,”  Asimov’s Magazine, edited by Sheila Williams, September 2015.

“Iron Pegasus,” MISSION TOMORROW, edited by Bryan Thomas Schmidt, November 2015.  Reprinted in THE BEST SCIENCE FICTION OF THE YEAR, edited by Neil Clarke.

“The Hand on the Cradle,” HUMANITY 2.0, edited by Alex Schvartsman, Phoenix Pick, an imprint of Arc Manor, forthcoming in October, 2016.


I blog here regularly and my blog content is often picked up at the World Future Society or IEET.  I also occasionally publish other non-fiction.

“With a Little Help from a Poet,” personal essay in The Usual Path to Publication, edited by Shannon Page, Book View Cafe, 2016.

Smart Cities will Go to the Dogs,” Slate Magazine, October 10, 2014.

Backing into Eden: Gardening the world – a Parable,” in The Futurist magazine, July-August 2014.

“Collaborative e-Gov,” with Toni Cramer, Government West, December 2002.

“The Blue Curtain,” an essay in the benefit anthology  “Breaking Waves:  An anthology for Gulf Coast Relief,” edited by Tiffany Trent and Phyllis Irene Radford, and available at Book View Cafe


“Raising Horses in the Rain,” The Salal Review, Spring 2001.

The Multiple Universe Poems,”  Strange Horizons, 14 September, 2009.

Visitors,” Abyss & Apex, Issue 59, Third Quarter 2016.

Extinction,” Abyss & Apex, Issue 59, Third Quarter 2016.