Brenda Cooper

Ruby’s Song: The Creative Fire and The Diamond Deep

Nothing can match the power of a single voice…

Ruby Martin expects to spend her days repairing robots and avoiding the dangerous peacekeeping forces that roam the corridors of the generation ship The Creative Fire. Her best friend has been raped and killed, the ship is falling apart around her, and no one she knows has any real information about what’s happening to them.  The social structure on board Creative Fire is rigidly divided, with Ruby and her friends on the bottom, but she dreams of freedom and equality.

Everything changes when a ship-wide accident reveals secrets she and her friends had only imagined.  Now, she has to fight for her freedom and the freedom of everyone she loves.  Her enemies are numerous, well armed, and much more knowledgeable than Ruby. Her weapons are a fabulous voice, a quick mind, a deep stubbornness, and a passion for freedom.  And complicating it all—an unreliable A.I. and an enigmatic man she met – and kissed – exactly once—and one of them may hold the key to her success. If Ruby can’t transform from a rebellious teen to the leader of a revolution, she and all her friends will lose all say in their future, and nothing will ever change.

THE CREATIVE FIRE is character driven, social science fiction. The story echoes a mythic tale out of our planet-bound past.  Like the historical Evita Peron, Ruby rises from the dregs of society to hold incredible popularity and power. Her story is about love and lust and need, about rising to a challenge, and about a thirst for knowledge and influence so deep that it burns.

The Diamond Deep: Book Two of Ruby's SongRuby’s story continues in THE DIAMOND DEEP, where she and her people arrive “home” to find wonders and risks they never imagined.

Praise for The Creative Fire and The Diamond Deep….

In her new novel, The Creative Fire, Brenda Cooper gives this scenario a thorough, intelligent shaking and reworking, hewing to lots of the glorious old props while infusing a new strain of social justice and semi-YA, Hunger Games vitality into the milieu.” – Paul Di Fillipo for Locus Magazine

Issues ranging from class, fairness and empowerment to women’s rights are touched upon and explored.  Like the symbol that Ruby comes to use in the novel, the themes are braided together into the narrative. What I had expected to be solely a character study in a technological universe instead is a character-focused drama that touches deep themes and ideas that speak to the issues of today, in the high tradition of science fiction.”  Paul Weimer, reviewing for SF Signal

I loved reading this book, and everything in it.”  …on The Creative Fire, at Boekie’s Book reviews.

I loved The Diamond Deep.  Excellent writing, fabulous story, and an emotional punch that leaves you wishing that Cooper wrote faster.  Damned fine story telling.”  J A Pitts – Author of FORGED IN FIRE


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Praise for The Creative Fire:

“Cooper puts a science fiction spin on the life of Eva Perón in this fast-paced, teen-friendly series starter.”  Publisher’s Weekly.  Publisher’s Weekly chose The Creative Fire as one of the top ten fall 2012 releases in Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror. 

“On the one hand we have Brenda Cooper’s lush, sensual, emotionally driven writing. And on the other we have Ruby, a young woman with an inexhaustible drive for freedom. Put them together on The Creative Fire, a ship ripe for revolution, and you have a timeless story that sings. Highly recommended.”– Brad Beaulieu, Author of The Winds of Khalakhovo

“I loved reading this book, and everything in it.” – Boekie’s Book Review

“The Creative Fire is a fascinating tale of an often overlooked facet of the multi-generational ark concept; how would societies evolve in such a space-borne worldlet? Would they share the same dreams and goals as their ancestors?” – David Dickinson of Astro Guyz

Praise for Brenda Cooper’s Silver Ship series:

“Fast-paced and full-bodied, “Silver Ship” is character-driven hard SF at its best.”  The Seattle Times

“Cooper reveals an ambitious literary nature here, with the chops to carry it all off. Not only do we get our main thread about pioneering a planet, we also get … a tour of a cyber-savvy civilized world, a guerrilla-war interlude and the foreshadowings of an interplanetary war…. Her prose has a certain elegance and gravitas that endows the tale with deeper emotional resonance than you might at first expect.” – Sci Fi Review

“Brenda Cooper’s newest novel is a feast of character and concept. She depicts the devastation of war on microcosmic and macrocosmic levels, and even more so, the driving motives of young men and women caught in deadly conflict.  Don’t miss this compelling work by a major new talent.” – Mary A. TurzilloAn Old-Fashioned Martian Girl.

“Brenda Cooper tells a tale of a powerful brother and sister in a fight for their lives, offering insights along the way into the nature of courage and the hunger for community that burns in every human being.” – Louise MarleyMultiple award-winning author of The Glass Harmonica and Terrorists of Irustan