People ask me regularly if I have books available on the Kindle.  It’s possible that happens more to me than to other authors, since I live and work in Amazon’s home town and my friends are tech geeks.   I’m pretty sure that my novels will find their way there eventually through my publisher, Tor Books, but I decided to put a few short stories on the Kindle myself after hearing that other writer’s are having success.

So I enlisted my trusty and helpful web expert, Jeremy Tolbert, in the project, and within a week or so there were three stories up there.  Here’s what I chose:

Savant Songs” which is about a brilliant autistic scientist and is my most commercially successful short story (It came out in Analog and in Year’s Best SF10)

A Lingering Scent of Bacon,” which got me my best-ever acceptance letter fron editor Kerrie Hughes, and which came out in the anthology “Maiden, Matron, Crone.”

The Licit Zone,”  which is a “Kindle Original.”

This is completely an experiment.  I don’t expect to get rich from it.  But I like the idea that it keep the first two stories available since they are otherwise pretty hard to find right now, and I like them both.   Maybe releasing one only on the Kindle will have interesting side-effects.  Who knows.

Each story is a $1.99.  From your Kindle, you can find them by searching for my name in the Kindle Store.  Just for fun, I want to encourage you to buy one of the stories, read it, and comment back here (good, bad, neutral…I’m open).  I’ll draw one to three names (depending on how many people try a story) and send each of you a free copy of “The Silver Ship and the Sea,” which is the beginning of my current series of books.