THE Silver Ship and the Sea

Silver Ship Cover

The Silver Ship and the Sea

Published March 2007/2017

How will human prejudice play out when the differences between people are truly more than skin deep? Follow six genetically improved children who have been left behind on the colony planet Fremont, where the inhabitants mistrust anyone who is not an “original” human. Winner of the 2007 Endeavor Award. (Book One) 10th Anniversary Edition Published by Wordfire Press in 2017.

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“Fast-paced and full-bodied, “Silver Ship” is character-driven hard SF at its best.”

– The Seattle Times

“Brenda Cooper tells a tale of a powerful brother and sister in a fight for their lives, offering insights along the way into the nature of courage and the hunger for community that burns in every human being.”

– Louise Marley

“Cooper reveals an ambitious literary nature here, with the chops to carry it all off. Not only do we get our main thread about pioneering a planet, but we also get a tour of a cyber-savvy civilized world, a guerrilla-war interlude, and the foreshadowings of an interplanetary war. Her prose has a certain elegance and gravitas that endows the tale with deeper emotional resonance than you might at first expect.”

– Sci-Fi Review